In the Philippine context, many Filipinos prioritize English instead of their very own language, Filipino. Even though English has been beneficial to the Filipinos, it has its own weaknesses. There are words from Filipino and other native languages in the Philippines which do not have a direct translation in English. We aim to provide these words and to show the meanings of said words. In doing so, we hope that Filipinos, together with other people, will be able to appreciate the language and culture of the Philippines

Beauty of the Filipino Language

hanapA foreigner by the name of Angeline Rodriguez moved to the Philippines and said that she is having a hard time understanding Filipino. However, she said something very pleasing to me. In her article “16 Filipino Words We Cannot Translate into English Words” (, she said that “there are times when someone struggles to explain a word to me – and those happen to be the ones I love the most. Why? Because they are distinctly Filipino and make life oh-so-much easier.” This goes to show that people appreciate the Filipino words that are untranslatable because they add to the culture of the Philippines. Angeline Rodriguez is not a Filipino but she loves the Filipino language more than Filipinos. Hulagway’s mission is make Filipinos and non-Filipinos be like Angeline Rodriguez. She may not understand the language all the time, but she values it as if it was her own.


English Over Filipino

The English language can never be taken out of the Philippine context. It is the official Picture1language of the Philippines. Many OFWs use English as their primary language abroad. Overall, English has become part of our lifestyle. Many people debate that Filipino should be taken out of the curriculum to make way for English. In an article posted in entitled “The Philippines is now an English Speaking Nation; DEAL WITH IT,” the author said that “Holding the Philippines – or individual students  – to Filipino is like holding a race horse in the gates while the other 11 horses bolt down the track.” I do not agree with this statement because it belittles thePicture2 Filipino language. It is saying that Filipino is just extra knowledge we should know after English. Filipino and English should be equal in value. We can overlook however the positive effects of using English in society. As said before, it helps OFWS and it is used by our government. The news article claims that English is used for higher communication while Filipino is used only for unofficial use. I cannot accept this because Filipino is as important as English and it can be used in a deep conversation as well